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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Outsider Corner #1

We have had the privilege of being sent all kinds of weird and wonderful poems recently, and since issue #11 of UDW is almost full I would like to post a few poems on here.

There is a very good chance that part of the magazine will be dedicated to Outsider Writing at some point in the future, so this is a good introduction to what we consider an antidote to all the over-crafted pretentious crap that fills almost every mainstream magazine these days. Here are three poems by G. David Schwartz. Enjoy them for what they are...

The Devil Fell Out Of Paradise

The devil fell out of paradise
And fell right in a rut
It scuffed up his face
With a lot of smut
And when he stood to brush it
He fell down again
That is one old reason
The devil has no friends

My Lord You Are So Beautiful

My lord you are so beautiful
From our head to your toes
Ok I am sorry
It's to your knees
From your nose
But lord you are so gorgeous
And hey didly diddle
All except that spot
Right there in the middle

My Favorite Poet Wrote My Favorite Poem

My favorite poet wrote my favorite poem
Yep my favorite poem were written by my favorite poet
That's the solid truth, you ought to know it
My favorite song were written by
One of my favorite musicians
And my favorite baker made my favorite pie

© G. David Schwartz

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