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Monday, 13 June 2011

UDW #12 - I'll be your Mr Bad Touch

Seeing as I was so busy with lots of other stuff, stuff I can't explain because I don't feel like it, UDW kind of got forgotten a bit. There's also the fact that no one submitted work! I have accepted a couple of poems, but the other two or three poets who sent me work made me want to punch a fish monger.

The ISSN number came a bit late, like, after the fucking thing had already been sent out. So I'm going to get a load more printed and throw them at whoever dares to stick up their head like that annoying dog in Duck Hunt that you couldn't shoot. But I will be hitting you with awesome poetry. And you won't laugh at me for missing the ducks, so I will like you and touch your face with bacon in my dreams.

So, UDW #12... if you want to send me some poems, fucking send me some poems. The standard is a bit high (have you seen some of the poets I had in issue 11?!) but don't let that melt your nipples. I'm sure you'll be fine. And if you want to send me some money, then I will send you a copy of UDW #11 and #12 and whatever you want because I'm a whore. I'll be your Mr Bad Touch.

Further details should be somewhere on this blog you lazy pants.


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